Stuff that could be seen as contrafactual

falsifying climate change

Note that it is claimed in the cartoon that these are statements of (made by) scientists.

1970: No

1976: Says who? Now, really? Who said that?

1989: This is, in fact, legit. A UN commissioner indeed did say that. Nope. Just kidding. He said they COULD be wiped off the map by 2000. He was wrong. However, check e g Tuvalu. Still, he was wrong about 2000. On the other hand, he was a political commissioner, not a scientist, OK?

1990: This is a difficult one. I can’t find any quotes that far back (1990), but, there are later predictions concerning influence of climate on the Amazon rainforest … does that help?

1999: Except it was not said by a scientist, but an official, and it was not “will be” but “could be” and it wasn’t in 2009 but in 2035. And it was very incorrect.

2000: Not really, no.

2007: The prediction was for the current season and did not mention global warming

2008: Well, yes … but, not quite.

2012: Err … consider this.

2014: Is the science settled? Apparently not. But, when is it ever?

I like this quote:
“These errors could have been avoided had the norms of scientific publication, including peer review and concentration upon peer-reviewed work, been respected.”